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Protect your Family
Get Vaccinated


Immunisation is one of the best ways you can protect yourself, your children and future generations from infectious diseases. When you get vaccinated, you are helping prevent diseases that could spread not only now, but also into the future.

Ensuring that you and your family are fully vaccinated by following the National Immunisation Program Schedule set by the Australian Government is important in staying protected against infectious diseases. This is essential as your not only protecting yourself and your family, but also the vulnerable people in your community.


Studies have found that the more people who are vaccinated,  the lower the chance is for people to get infected, and the less widely a disease can spread. 

Play your part in the world and ensure that you are up to date with your immunisations.

Childhood Immunisations

Ages 0-4 years

Mother and a Child

Adult Immunisations

Aboriginal people 50 years and older, 70 year olds.

Mother and Daughter

Adolescent Immunisations

Adolescents in Year 7 and Year 10


Pregnancy Immunisations

Mother and Family.


Influenza (Flu)


Image by CDC


Pfizer, Moderna and Novavax available.

Image by CDC
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Stay Protected

More information about the Immunisation Schedule and getting vaccinated can be found on the Australian Government website which is linked below. 

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