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Pregnancy Immunisations

During pregnancy, the immune system is naturally weaker than usual. This means that pregnant women are more susceptible to certain infections and illnesses that can be harmful to them and the developing baby. Getting vaccinated during pregnancy is very important as it passes on protective antibodies to the baby which will protect them in the first few months of life when they are most vulnerable.

Immunisation before Pregnancy

If you are planning to have a baby, try to have your routine vaccinations up to date before you become pregnant.

When attending the practice for a check-up, we may order a blood test to check your immunity to some diseases (including rubella, chickenpox and hepatitis B) to see if you are protected. Based on the results, our doctor may recommend some vaccines.

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Immunisation During Pregnancy

Women who are pregnant are recommended to be vaccinated against Influenza and Pertussis (Whooping Cough). They can receive the Influenza vaccine during any trimester, however will need to get the vaccine against whooping cough between 20-32 weeks of being pregnant. The vaccine to protect against Pertussis is either Boostrix or Adacel.


It is recommended that family members are vaccinated against whooping cough if they are living in the same household as someone who is pregnant.


If a baby falls ill from the whooping cough disease, they can experience serious symptoms which cause harm to their health. Being vaccinated against the whooping cough disease helps prevent any complications that may arise after birth. 

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