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Hear To Listen

I am an audiologist with over 20

years of experience in the field.

Over the last 10 years, I have worked at Castle Hill for two years with the largest multi-national companies providing audiology services in Australia. 

My passion is to ensure that each person has the hearing they need for quality of life they desire.

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Jasmine Thomas
Principal Audiologist

MSc Speech and Hearing; BSc Speech and Hearing; MAudA


Jasmine Thomas


Hear to Listen

Our Principal Audiologist Jasmine is here to help you find the best way that you can fulfil your hearing needs. 

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I would love to look after the hearing needs of you and your family

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Government Accredited Practice to

Provide Hearing Services

Complete audiological assessment inclusive of video otoscopy, pure tone audiometry, speech audiometry, tympanometry & reflex testing, speech in nose testing, aided speech testing, communication needs and balance assessment.

Hearing Aid

Free Hearing Assessments

For Pension Card Holders

If you are a pension card holder, you have access to receiving a free hearing assessment. 

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Hearing Screening

Free check up to make sure your hearing is within the known standard limits. 

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Conservation & Protection


Monitoring hearing through regular hearing checks and custom fitted in ear attenuators to prevent noise induced hearing loss.

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Work Cover Claims

For Hearing

Accredited to provide services under NSW Work Cover. I have partnered with a personal injury law firm to provide those services at no cost to you. 

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DVA Hearing Assessments

Includes tinnitus assessment and fitting of hearing devices including assistive listening devices such as headphones for the TV. 

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Hearing Tests

Includes hearing tests for those signing up to the police force and CASA (Civil Aviation

Safety Authority) and hearing tests for obtaining drivers licence.


For Hearing Needs

Working with you and your caregiver or significant other to ensure the best outcome.  

Working at Home

Supply, Fitting, Servicing &Maintenance 

Of Hearing Aids

Continuing care for hearing devices. I also provide onsite same day repair.

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