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Adult Immunisations

It is important for adults to be immunised as it is a safe and effective way to protect you, your friends and your family from harmful, contagious diseases. It also safeguards the health of other people, now and for future generations.

70 Years

People aged at 70 years are recommended to get vaccinated against the Pneumococcal disease by receiving the Prevenar 13 (IM) vaccine. They are also recommended to get vaccinated against Zoster (also known as shingles).  They will be vaccinated with the Zostavax (SC) vaccine, and catch up immunisations are available for 71-79 year olds. 

Father and Son
Mother and Daughter

Aboriginal People ≥ 50 years

Anyone who identifies as an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, and is 50 years of age (or older) is recommended to get vaccinated against the Pneumococcal disease. This will require for them to receive the vaccine Prevenar 13 (IM) and then Pneumovax 23 (IM) after 2-12 months.


 At least another 5 years will need to have past before they will need to receive the Pneumovax 23 vaccine again. 

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